Speak Spanish Quickly!

Time to speak Spanish quickly_ for martial arts, of course!

Hola. This is Gary and today I will write this post in English, not in Spanish as I usually do. As you all know, I am from the United States, but I've been living and working in Peru for a few years now, so learning Spanish has been a must for me. (I'm still learning each and every day)

This post is not so much for my Peruvian friends, but mostly for English speakers who love martial arts and need to learn martial arts vocabulary in Spanish.

Lots of Spanish Vocabulary and Spanish Grammar to learn!

In my quest to learn Spanish, I've had the priceless help of lots of Peruvians that patiently taught me lots of words, phrases, and everyday expressions. I've had a couple of teachers here and there that taught me the basics of grammar to put all that together and say something coherent. And of course, the Internet.

In this day and time, the Internet is at the core of everything I do. I searched high and low for great websites that could present Spanish vocabulary and Spanish grammar clearly and without a lot of technical language, and believe me, it's not as easy as it may seem. There are virtually millions of Spanish learning websites, but most of them focus on grammar too much. Man, I want to speak Spanish fast! I don't want to be a Spanish grammar teacher!

Long story short, after hours upon hours of looking for quality websites, I came up with 3 websites that have helped me speak Spanish fast. If you want to learn Spanish quickly, here are my top 3 Spanish websites of choice:

Spanish News Articles

Spanish News

Spanish News

You may know all the Spanish grammar in the world and watch all the Spanish grammar videos out there, the truth is, unless you have a huge amount of vocabulary on different topics, you won't be able to understand and be able to speak Spanish fluently. Even if your Spanish is limited, reading real Spanish articles will get you to speak Spanish fast in no time. For a beginner, you can try to guess words and then look them up in a dictionary to check and confirm what you thought was right. Spend time here, try to check different meanings of the same Spanish word, and make sure you get the gist of what's going on. You don't need to get everything perfectly, just the gist will suffice.

My favorite source for articles is BBC MUNDO. It has news in Spanish from all over the world, not just Hispanic countries. So even if you want to read about what's going on in your back alley, you can read it in Spanish. This will help you learn Spanish quickly and effortlessly.

Words Matter!

Spanish Dictionary

Spanish Dictionary

Yeah, reading articles from the news is not for everyone, but if you want to learn real Spanish AND you want to speak Spanish fast, there's no better way than that in combination with a good dictionary. Long gone are the days when you had to go to a book store to "buy" a dictionary. With the Internet you can have amazing dictionaries at the most affordable price_ free! Don't you just love that word? Free! ¡Gratis!

And here again, there are thousands of dictionaries out there, and I am sure I haven't seen them all, but out of the ones I have seen, the best by far is WordRefrence. Not only can you translate from Spanish into multiple languages, but you also have different entries for each word AND on top of that, there is a forum in which learners and pros, ask and answer questions about certain phrases in different countries. For example, the word "torta" could mean "cake" in many countries, but in Mexico it means "sandwich". And in some other areas it would mean a "slap". Wow! Imagine going to an area and asking for a cake and getting either a sandwich or a slap instead! lol  And you learn most of these nuances from the dictionary itself but also from the hundreds of active users that participate in the forum. 

And by now, you may be wondering, but what about lessons?! Well, be patient little grasshopper, the next Spanish website is all about lessons.

Speak Spanish Quicky

Spanish Spanish Quickly

Spanish Spanish Quickly

There are literally millions of websites to learn Spanish, and I haven't been able to see them all. But out of the hundred I've seen, this Spanish website clearly speaks to me: www.esaudio.net.  It has lots of Spanish audio conversations and Spanish audio exercises, it has over 100 Spanish vocabulary videos and over 200 Spanish grammar videos. And did I say it's free? The Spanish video lessons are very clear, very well explained, and if you want to work with a Spanish teacher, you can sign up for one with a native Spanish speaker, which is essential for those who want to learn real Spanish and not just textbook Spanish. Textbooks are fine, but I want to speak Spanish quick and I think that this website for structures, when combined with a great dictionary and sources of authentic Spanish vocabulary from the news is just the real deal for me.

Fortunately, as I live in Peru I can find people to talk 24/7. But for those who want to speak Spanish quickly and need someone to talk to, that website sounds like a good choice. 

Basic Spanish Vocabulary

I know I went off topic here. But before we even get started on Martial Arts techniques of any kind, it's important to learn some Basic Spanish Vocabulary about the body. After all, we'll be using our body for just everything, so why not starting with that?

Here's a great video about the most common parts of the body. 

Parts of the body

Study these words, my friends, and I will see you soon, in my next article.